Raise your house value with elegant, safe, and resistant roofing

Do not wait until the rigorous winter comes to realize that you need to repair your roof or install a new one: we can improve your house value with efficient roofing services!

Neither rain nor snow will bother you with a roof built by Monteles Construction

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Great company, exceptional quality
Laura H.
Laura H.
Alarico was wonderful with my house and what I wanted done! I would consider myself as a picky person and he listened, was very patient and accommodated to exactly i wanted done. Not only was he great to work with, but also did terrific work. I could not be happier, highly recommend his services!
Amadinei Junior
Amadinei Junior
Best experience last summer! Amazing siding job!

How it works

We can bring a new appearance to your house with our custom roofing services, since we create the perfect project to meet all your expectations while seeking to offer only the best for you.

All you want is a resistant, durable roof, made by certified, experienced, and committed professionals. But, why? We know that the last thing you want is to spend even more because of poorly executed roofing services, so you want to make sure that yours is perfectly aligned with what you have in mind, as well as with the technical part that ensures a flawless, safe roof.


We have listed the reasons for you to choose Monteles Construction to get your project off the drawing board:

We offer you our full support

Exclusive, customer service

We work with commitment and punctuality thanks to our experience

We cherish your safety as well as your family’s
Welcome to

Monteles Construction

Alarico Assunção da Silva Monteles, CEO of Monteles Construction, always seeks to serve our customers and friends with complete respect and professionalism so we can understand what each one of them wants and thus offer intelligent services during each step of the project, keeping a perfect result in mind.

If needed, we will go to Brazil to bring you the materials! If you have any questions regarding them, we will gladly offer our full support for you to feel safe and be aware of everything that is happening during your project.

We get rid of all obstacles that keep you from your dream house: Monteles Construction is at your service to do whatever it takes for you to be satisfied with the results that we offer.

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